Delta Multi Gasket
Blade Fuse
Blue Window Cleaner
Hose Clip
Delta Workshop Wipes
Assortment Box
IK Pressure Sprayer
Leather Maintainer
Fabric Protector
Micro Fibre
Henry Hoover
Mamoth Drying Towel
Nielsen F1 Cutting Compound
Neowox Car Polish
Mothers Aluminum Polish
Nilfisk Pressure Washer
Mother Chrome Polish
Nitrile Gloves
Pressure Washer
Neo Wax Polish
Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Rapid Body Detailer
Pot Rivot
Sealey Compressor
Peek Polish
Sealey Spanners
Sealey Buffing Machine
Pressure Sprayer
Sealey Tool Valet Bag
Poorboys World Bio-degradeable
Sealey Vortex Gun
Sealey Impact Sockets
Trim Clip
Vikan Brush
Thread Lock
Tyre Paint
Poorboys World Super Slick
Wet and Dry Vac
Sonax Paste Polish
Venus Sprayer
Vikan Wheel Brush
Vikan Rim Brush

Detailing Products


Poorboy's World Detailing Products are highest quality at affordable prices and well renowned within the car care and detailing industry. Poorboys World detailing products have a huge fan base because they are easy to use and give fantastic results and amazing shine, surely something that every car enthusiast, professional valeter & detailer wants! brightly-coloured bottles and beautiful scents (our Iron Remover is an acquired taste however!) Poorboy’s products smell as good as they perform, with scents ranging from sun cream lotion to bubble-gum. Many of their products, including their famous Black Hole Show Glaze and Natty's Paste Waxes are highly regarded by professionals. In contrast to many car care ranges, Poorboys World products are easy on / easy off and can be used in direct sunlight or shade.


Highly respected and admired in the car care and detailing industry, Mothers has earned much acclaim over the years for its superior performance and fantastic results. It started over 40 years ago with a little tin of polish. The label was a simple business card strapped around a small metal container with a rubber band. Today, after years of extensive testing and experimentation, the Mothers line has grown from that single item to a comprehensive line of more than 40 different car care products. The Mothers Car Care range caters for every surface of your car including ... paint, glass, plastics, chrome, convertible tops, leather, vinyl, thermoplastics, polycarbonate, chrome, and rubber. Whatever the car care issue – Mothers has the solution


Forever Black was founded in 1994 with the introduction of their Bumper & Trim Re-conditioner, which fast became America's number one choice for restoring black bumpers and trim. Since then additional products have been added to the line - including the universally popular Tyre Gel. Forever BLACK™ products have all been specially formulated to rejuvenate the black colour on plastic, rubber and vinyl without the use of silicone.


Farécla Products Ltd is a manufacturer of polishing compounds and surface finishing products which are used on a wide variety of substrates. From polishing compounds and applicators, to polishing machines, paint cups and microfibre cloths, Farécla has provided surface finishing solutions to automotive bodyshops, detailers, boat builders, woodworkers, composite manufacturers and other industrial applications since 1952, now in over 120 countries. Farécla scientists use only the best quality raw materials. Our proprietary formulations are manufactured under tight control to deliver reliability and consistency from the first drop to the last. The bespoke Engineered Abrasive Technology we use in our formulations achieves a faster cut rate which delivers a final finish requiring less time and fewer steps. Their technology achieves a better result than competitors whilst using less product, improving productivity to deliver greater value to our customers. Farécla products deliver a superior and permanent high gloss finish avoiding the risk of drop back and the need for reworks.


Headquartered in Remseck, Germany, SCHOLL Concepts GmbH has been catering to the requirements of the car care industry for over 58 years by providing premium, innovative car care and maintenance systems for the automotive repair and paint industry. Our commitment and passion to create the perfect paint finish has made us one of the global leaders in innovative and customised solutions and the leading experts for comprehensive paint finish solutions. Our corporate culture focuses on providing premium products and services. To implement this strategy, we pursue an integrated approach. High-grade, innovative and unique products and ideas can only develop when this philosophy is an integral part of our corporate culture and all processes, facilities and equipment are geared to meet the highest quality demands. Thanks to their distinctive brand names, among other features, our premium products are easily identifiable and enjoy a high level of awareness. Since its inception SCHOLL Concepts has been a company that evolves to meet the demands and challenges of changing times. Founded over 50 years ago by Roland Scholl, the company is now in the hands of the second generation and is headed by Frank Scholl. More than five decades of expertise and excellence, backed by the characteristic German diligence, have set the foundation for creating unique and innovative products that are instrumental in consolidating our position as a global leader in the paint finish market. Like clockwork, our comprehensive paint finish solutions are perfectly matched to complement one another. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the applications of our products. To guarantee a perfect and flawless finish, we provide our customers with the matching pad for each polishing compound. Please refer to the following charts for details on the appropriate polish and pad combinations.

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