Delta Multi Gasket
Blade Fuse
Blue Window Cleaner
Hose Clip
Delta Workshop Wipes
Assortment Box
IK Pressure Sprayer
Leather Maintainer
Fabric Protector
Micro Fibre
Henry Hoover
Mamoth Drying Towel
Nielsen F1 Cutting Compound
Neowox Car Polish
Mothers Aluminum Polish
Nilfisk Pressure Washer
Mother Chrome Polish
Nitrile Gloves
Pressure Washer
Neo Wax Polish
Non Acid Wheel Cleaner
Rapid Body Detailer
Pot Rivot
Sealey Compressor
Peek Polish
Sealey Spanners
Sealey Buffing Machine
Pressure Sprayer
Sealey Tool Valet Bag
Poorboys World Bio-degradeable
Sealey Vortex Gun
Sealey Impact Sockets
Trim Clip
Vikan Brush
Thread Lock
Tyre Paint
Poorboys World Super Slick
Wet and Dry Vac
Sonax Paste Polish
Venus Sprayer
Vikan Wheel Brush
Vikan Rim Brush

About Us

AAL (AnDeb Autosupplies Ltd) is your one stop shop solution for all your automotive cleaning and maintenance products and equipment, garage, workshop, Industrial supplies, consumables, and tooling. We also offer a range of janitorial products. We stock products to suit all your requirements whether it be quality, performance, or budget. Please contact us for more information.

Valeting & Detailers

We stock a wide range of chemicals and product to suit every pocket from trade range bulk chemicals such as wash & wax, TFR, exterior and interior dressing is 5l, 25l, 210l, 1000l IBC’s to high end detailing products in 500ml or 1l, brands like Nielsen, Poorboys World, Scholl Concepts, Sonax, VS Pro, Neo Wax etc. If you’re looking to provide your customers with a trade wash & wax or a machine polish, high grade Carnauba wax polish or Ceramic coating we can help you. We are always expanding our range and are more than happy to help if you’re looking for products, we don’t yet stock.


We have excellent High strength and Non-Caustic TFR’s that will make lite work of cleaning your vehicles. Non-Caustic TFR is ideal to prevent damage sensitive vinyls or plastics fading. For removing concrete and cement why not try our Descaling Acid, you won’t be disappointed. With our range of rubber & plastic dressings, aluminium cleaners you can make your vehicles look like new.


We can provide a complete range of products for vehicles where that extra level of care is required, for example Emergency service vehicles, food transport, medical or waste transporters or recycling. The strong odours, heavy soiling and bacteria often associated with this type of vehicle can be eradicated so that you are left with a safe, hygienic and pleasant fragranced fleet of vehicles which will consistently look their best.


With our wide range of products you can keep your vehicle standing out from the rest, Powerful brush wash products, High shine polishes, Interior Cleaners and De-odourises will give your passengers a pleasure to ride in your vehicles. With antibacterial cleaners and sanitizers, you can also ensure your passengers are safe form germs with infection control


A full range of vehicle maintenance sprays, penetrating oils, lubes, grease etc, underseal, spray paints will all keep vehicles maintained to the highest standard. Workshop floor cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners, hand care, wipes, gloves PPE and H&S products and equipment, mops & buckets will keep you working environment clean and safe. We offer a huge range of more than 8000 consumables. Ranging from nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, cable ties, electrical terminals, bulbs, trim clips, tyre repairs etc. We also supply tools and workshop equipment from spanners and sockets to compressors and vehicle lifts.


If you’re looking for a new pressure wash, Wet Vac or Vikan Brush We can help. Buffing polishing machines & pads, microfibers, wash buckets, spray bottles, pump sprayers, what every you’re looking for we will have options for you.

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